e-see® Brand File Manager (BrandFM) - Tour

Everyone is welcome

It's easy to create your own online brand channel, to manage and share your brand and marketing assets with invited users (or the public if you wish).

Greet users with a custom branded home page and your own memorable URL. Give users easy, fast self-service access to the files they have permission to - automatically.

Use e-see® Brand File Manager to create a Corporate Brand Library, Online Product Catalogue, Branded Image Library or Media Resource Library for your business and then invite your customers, staff and other trusted users to sign up and tune-in to your brand(s).

We're search engine freindly too, so anyone can search with Google™, Yahoo™ Live Search™, MSN and other search engines and find your publicly listed brand assets.

Everyone is welcome on e-see® BrandFM

Find brand files and media

Your users and brand channel visitors, can start finding assets straight away. No need for them to sign-up to get started (although some assets and features will be hidden until they do). Find source files, original vector art files and high resolution images and then download or request access to thme (depending on your security settings).

  • Search using simple words or phrases.
  • Browse by Latest asset, folder, brand or tag.
Find brand files and media

1 Just enter a search term, brand, name etc click Enter, then your away. 2 Or you can browse by company/folder, brand, tags or taxonomy categories. 3 Lists the number of assets, brands and companies found. Click a link to browse within the search results. 4 Click the asset name or the thumbnail to visit the asset detail page (You may have to login if it's a locked asset). 5 Add the asset and all it's files to your cart. 6 Thumbnail image of the asset showing the primary file and a count of the number of files in the asset. Click the thumbnail to visit the asset detail page. 7 If you're logged in you can edit your profile and view extras like your Watchlist. 8 Search results are automatically sorted by relevance. However you can also sort search results by name, id, brand, latest and type.

Your Dashboard

Users can download files, without ever registering as a user. However if they want to request access to restricted items they'll need a login. It's free and the user also gets some other advantages. They can Backorder (request access to) restricted assets, they can create Watchlists. They can Save Carts for later download or to send to others using eCourier™ and they get a personal Dashboard.

Your dashboard is your personalised welcome page and provides you with a snap-shot of the things that interest you and your activity, with shortcuts to the things you need.

Your dashboard is your personalised welcome page

1 User messages appear until you've responded to or actioned them. 2 Finding and downloading lists and links. 3 Uploading and Organising links for account owners/managers. 4 Sharing and Distributing links for account owners/managers. 5 Other options to edit your user details or open an account/edit your account settings.

Assets = More than just Files

e-see® Brand File Manager organizes files into logical Assets.

An Asset is more than just a single file (in fact an Asset typically contains multiple files).

For example a Logo Asset will have several file variants (RGB, SPOT, CMYK, B&W, etc). Each Asset has it's own page containing files and meta-data that relate to that asset. Each File also has it's own meta data accessed by clicking the (i)information icon. Individual files can be added to the cart or the user can elect to add all the files with a single click of the +All button.

BrandFM asset detail page screen shot

1 Asset name and folder location. 2 Files and their thumbnails. Click the thumbnail to see a larger preview image and click the (i)nformation icon to display File meta-data. 3 Asset details, including reference/barcode, creator, published date and last update, asset type, location (if it's a photo), dimensions (if it's a product), description, tags, cross references and more. 4 Asset status and any usage restrictions. 5 Folder location and breadcrumb links again. 6 Asset activity including History, Notes, Views and number of Downloads.


Invite people to download your brand assets and files by giving them self-service access OR send them any file effortlessly via eCourier™. No more CD burning required. You can even use BrandFM as an FTP system - by uploading files and then sending them via eCourier™. You stay in complete control over who has access and you get reports about download activity - so you know exactly who has your files and when they got them.

BrandFM asset detail page screen shot

1 The Users invitation wizard shows the steps for inviting users and giving them permission to resources. 2 More options include a list of previously Invited Users, a list of already shared Resources and a list of outstanding Access Requests. 3 Account name. If you've been invited to upload to multiple accounts you'll see all these listed here. You can select which 4 Folders, Sub-Folders or 5 Assets you wish to invite users to access.

Cart - get files when you need them

As users find and select assets and files they are collected together in their Cart. From the cart users can Download or eCourier the files they need to meet deadlines (provided they have permission) with self-service access. No need to bother the brand owner/manager once they have permission. If the user doesn't yet have permission, we'll automatically backorder the files and send an accesss request to the owner. Easy.

BrandFM cart full ready to download screen shot

1 In the cart side menu you can also view - backorders waiting for approval, previous downloads, previous eCouriers and your saved carts. 2 Shows all the files (some assets have multiple files) selected. 3 You can also view your cart contents in a Contact Sheet or Lightbox view. 4 You can remove everything from your cart with the Clear-All button. 5 Click the Checkout button to download the selected files to your computer. 6 Click the eCourier™ button to send all the files (zipped up) to someone's email address. 7 Click the Save Cart button to save your cart to dig up later without having to search for the selected files all over again. 8 The date the asset was last updated. 9 Remove individual files from the cart, if they are not required.

Send any size file instantly with eCourier™

You can quickly send any size file (or a bunch of files) to anyone anywhere with a feature we call eCourier™. Now you can Upload and then send files instantly with eCourier - No more FTP. No more CD burning and no more hanging around waiting for the courier pickup and delivery. Simple. Fast. Brilliant.

BrandFM eCourier page screen shot

Once you've added the files you want to send to your cart and clicked the eCourier button. 1 Enter the recipients email address or addresses. 2 Next type a message which will be included in the email sent. 3 Then provide a reason or purpose for the eCourier. This is added to the owners audit trail and not sent to the recipient. Then click Send. The recipient receives an email with a link to a zip file which they can download without having to login or search for the files. Easy.

Once sent, you can track and confirm pickup (download) of that delivery, cancel a send (if it's not yet downloaded) and evend resend the eCourier email if the recipient hasn't downloaded it yet. It's a great way to send and keep track of critical file deliveries.

Tune in to an RSS feed

You can tune-in to stay connected to the companies you're interested in, by subscribing to an RSS feed.

Just click the RSS feed link (or copy the link) into your favorite feed reader and bingo - whenever something changes you'll see the change pop up in your unread articles. You can get a feed for all the latest assets for a site (e.g. acme.brandfm.com)or the BrandFM blog. Then if you prefer not to receive emails you can switch email notifications off. That's smart.

BrandFM RSS feeds screen shot

1 You can tune into your own personal brand channel by browsing to the Latest assets page and clicking the Latest Assets RSS feed icon. Or you can follow our Twitter feed.


Upload multiple files at once and store them in your Upload Folder until you're ready to add them into new or existing assets.

BrandFM upload folder page screen shot

1 Select multiple files for upload from your computer or switch the Basic upload form if you don't have Flash™ installed. 2 Once your files are uploaded a thumbnail is created (for supported files). Click the + button to select each individual file or the +All button to select all the uploaded files. 3 Create a new asset from the files selected. 4 List of supported file formats.

Organize and edit

Brand owners and managers can organize brand assets in a secure and easy to access online library. Setup folders, sub folders, brands, tags and custom taxonomies or categories. Create and Edit assets and get an accurate overview of their use.

BrandFM asset detail page screen shot

1 Asset name and folder location. 2 Add an asset to your Watchlist. If you manage this Asset, you can Clone or Archive it. 3 Add (Upload) files to this asset. You can upload as many files as you like. 4 Thumbnail preview of the file. Click the thumbnail to see a larger preview image. Click and drag the handle to move the thumbnail to the position you want. 5 Filename. Change the filename by clicking the filename (edit in place). 6 Add all the files for this asset to your cart. 7 Click the (i')nformation icon to display additional file meta data if available and display web image url's. Click the Edit link to upload your own thumbnail. Click the trash can to remove the file and send it back to your upload folder. 8 View the history for this asset by clicking the History link. You can also gauge popularity of this asset with the number of views and downloads shown. 9 Click the Edit button to edit Asset Details or Status & Usage restrictions.

Your very own branded micro-site

Every Account gets its' own sub-domain (e.g. http://yourcompany.brandfm.com) and custom branded micro-site. You can change your colours and upload your logo to make it yours, or we can fully customise it for you. Only a Powered by e-see link appears in the footer.

Users can visit your site to view and download your brand files and images OR they can search across multiple companies at the www.brandfm.com site. Your data is listed in the main site automatically for free.

BrandFM skinned microsite screen shots

1 Unique URL. 2 Upload your own logo. 3 Select a colour template. Additional fully customised colours and styles are available in a full customization service. 4 Create and enter your own unique welcome page content in HTML. Alternatively we can create 5 embedded guidelines for your library.

Manage your Profile

Once you've signed-up and logged in you can Edit your user profile (My Details). It's a good idea to complete the extended profile so that when you ask for permission to files, brand owners know who's asking. You can also change your Password, go on Holiday and appoint a substitute, control whether you get email notifications and view your stuff.

BrandFM profile screen shot

1 Click the My Details link to view your My Details page. 2 You can change your Avatar (user picture) by clicking on the default image and uploading a new image. 3 Your details. You can also complete your extended profile which may help brand owners trust you when you request access to a locked item. 4 You can Edit your details, Change your password or go on Holiday and appoint a substitute, while you're away. 5 You can access your Watchlist, Saved Carts, review what you've Previously Downloaded or your current Permissions. 6 You can choose to switch off email notifications. If you switch email off, then you can review your Notifications in your BrandFM in-box, when you login.

Manage your Account

Most users will just sign-up for a free user login so they can Download someone else's (say yours) files. However all users can also get their own Account that enables them to create a BrandFM site, Upload files and invite Users.

Login and click the Get an Account so you can upload and invite users link in your Dashboard to open an Account. Once opened the Account page is where you manage and configure your account settings.

BrandFM account page screen shot

1 If you've opened an Account you can click on the Account link to view and edit your account details. 2 Click on your Account Avatar to upload a new avatar image. 3 Edit your account details, Change your credit card details or Close your account. 4 A summary of your Current Plan, you can change plans by clicking the Change Plan link. 5 Review account based Reports and Invoices. 6 Create and Edit account wide Mandatory Tags. 7 Edit your accounts' Look & Feel and URL for your branded micro-site. 8 Get deployment HTML code that you can insert into another webpage to connect up your yourcompany.brandfm.com micro-site. Don't like our button styles just replace the graphics with your own.

Help is everywhere

It's a simple thing. But everywhere you are in BrandFM, help is just a single click away. Click the Help link at the top of every page and you'll get context sensitive help which slides down down right in front of your eyes (on a nice calming blue background).

Need more - visit the Help Centre for FAQ's tips, advice and more. If that's not enough you can call our help desk for free telephone support or consult the Blog for additional help and tips.

BrandFM help screenshot

1 Wherever you are you can click the Help link at the top of each page to get page specific help. 2 Click the Help link again or click the Close page help button to slide the help panel back up. 3 Click the Help Centre link to visit the Help Centre for more in-depth help.