A FREE database of product images for Space Management Planograms.

We have thousands of grocery and other FMCG product images that comply with GS1 naming standards (e.g. 9315596002620_1.jpg) , that work with established space planning software.

We aim to cover the major categories and products in the market and will work with clients to ensure we have good coverage of the categories that interest them. 

SuperBase is a simple mounted drive/folder on your local computer that syncs with our online master collection of images.  You can either copy images from the SuperBase folder to your normal location for Planogram images or set the path in your Planogram software to work directly with your local SuperBase folder.

SuperBase™ is completely Free of charge , but by invitation only.

Please contact David Vaassen ( or call +64 9 446 6225 to get SuperBase™ access.

Happy planning :)