Brand Standards & Guidelines

A.K.A brand manuals, brand specs, corporate identity, brand book, visual identity guidelines, etc.

Brand Standards and Usage Guidelines, are a vital tool for the management and protection of your brand.

They're are about documenting and prescribing how you express and communicate your brand.

They typically include, your brand's personality, how you behave, your brand's visual identity, colours used, how signage is used, your brands voice, how to use your brand and marketing assets and host of other details.

What's most important is that once you decide what those standards are, that your staff, partners and resellers understand and implement these standards consistently at every brand touchpoint.

A Brand Standards document is the how of your brand, an instruction manual in how to implement your brand.

Example of BrandFM embedded guidelines

Print went the way of the Dodo

Still using printed brand standards?

If you were we'd be surprised if these were up-to-date and delivered along with logo artwork every time. Printed manuals are just too expensive and unwieldy. 

In our experience most successful brands moved to electronic PDF form some time ago.

A major multinational brand client once spent 2 weeks at their headquarters, looking for the printed brand manual we knew they had. After two weeks they discovered a single copy on a shelf above the Presidents secretary's desk!

This is a true story - ask us who it was sometime.

Printed Brand Standards are:-

  • Too expensive
  • Hard to distribute
  • Often out of date
  • Often hard to find
  • Not environmentally friendly.

If you're not already, it's time you:

The end of PDF too?

Even PDF brand standards are old hat. There's now a better way.

By converting brand standards to HTML (essentially a mini-web site) we can deliver information to browsers, smart-phones, ipads and a host of other devices that can display HTML content.

HTML brand standards have a number of advantages:-

  • Always available
  • Always up-to-date
  • Searchable
  • Semantic
  • Editable
  • Alive
  • Cost effective
  • and Pocketable.

We've started converting brand standards to HTML. Are you ready?

Even better HTML Guidelines can be embedded into your brand channel or brad or brand library to guide users to the right resources for download.  

You can see an example of Embedded HTML Brand Guidelines here.

The future starts today!

A. Embedded HTML Guidelines

The PDF (a digital replacement for paper) era is ending.

Proliferation of web consuming devices such as smartphones, tablets and always on computers means the web (HTML) is available everywhere all of the time.

We've started converting brand standards to HTML. Are you ready?

e-see® BrandFile Manager, now provides Embedded HTML Guidelines, when users first visit your BrandFM site, to guide users to the right resource for download. 

It's the logical place for Brand Standards and Guidelines for effective delivery of the right file.

See it in Action for STIHL SHOP™ →

B. Auto-delivery

e-see® Brand File Manager app, provides brand owners with automatic delivery of brand standards and guidelines (usually PDF's) with each download or eCourier™ delivery of files.

Auto delivery ensures that each and every time you deliver resources, you also deliver your brand standards/guidelines.

Contact us for more information in setting this up.

* Auto Delivery and Embedded HTML Guidelines compliment each other. Embedded HTML ensures that users are guided to the right resources from the welcome page and Auto-delivery ensure they get a PDF version delivered with downloaded files.

C. Pocket Brand Guides™

Is that your brand in your pocket - or are you just happy to see me?

We are revolutionizing brand standards and making them completely portable.

We've designed an HTML framework and delivery system that puts your brand in your pocket!

We're converting those old fashioned print and PDF brand standards right now.

Conversions are available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and your web browser (with other platforms such as Android, Blackberry, etc on the way).

What's more, the same content will be accessible on any modern web browser, ensuring you deliver a consistent set of specs everywhere you want your brand.

We offer:

  • Online brand management software with the following features specifically designed for Brand Standards and Usage Guidelines:
  • Help developing, designing and writing Brand Standards or Guidelines documents.
  • Brand Standards Audits - essentially working with your internal teams and external agencies to review existing brand and marketing collateral and ensure compliance with brand standards, then updating and distributing existing documentation.

Get started

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