BAM - Return on Investment

When calculating the ROI on brand asset management, you might start by asking, “What will a brand asset management system cost?”
Really, the better question is, “What is it costing us to NOT have a BAM system?”

There are 4 key reasons to implement a BAM system.

Save Asset Search time

According to recent findingsusers spend a huge amount of time each day searching for information. This averages out at 37 minutes or 8% of the working day. Typical monthly hours spent on searching could be anything up to 12 hours. For Marketing teams a significant amount of this time is searching for brand and marketing content, resources and assets.

A dedicated Brand and Marketing Asset Management system is the most effective search and discovery software for marketing.

If you were to reduce time searching by 50%, using an effective brand asset management system, you would quickly realise significant savings.

Save up to

per marketer per month

Save Distribution costs

Distribution costs can include simply sending an email with a attached file (if the file is small enough), using a file delivery or file sharing service (such as Dropbox), FTP or even physical media (such as CD which would need labeling, admin, burning to disk, boxing up and ultimately shipping).  Then you need to remember to include the brand guidelines, usage terms and recording somewhere who you sent the assets to ( in case you make changes later and for legal). 

Taking all of the above (including organisational overhead, not just the users salary) into account, distribution costs can quickly mount up.

Research suggests that each distribution takes 15 minutes or more of a users time. Multiply that by your hourly operating costs by total number of distributions in a period and you have some considerable costs.  Not to mention the interruption to focus on important work. 

x Cost per Hour
+ 3rd party charges
x No. of distributions
= $X

Avoid Asset Recreation/Duplication costs

Brand Assets are often duplicated or re-created due to the inability of users to find exactly what they are looking for. Often users don't even know some content exists, because it's hidden away in silos or scattered across storage drives.

Statistics show that accounting for the follow-on benefits and not duplicating content, productivity of staff could be improved by 30%.


Productivity Improvements

Reduce risk of costly errors

Given the importance of getting brand identity right and communications consistent, when the wrong file or data is used, fixing or remedying the problem can get expensive fast.

This may include reprinting costs, public relations efforts, publishing embarrassing retractions or legal action.

Reprint Costs
PR Fees
Advertising charges
Legal Fees

The bottom line

While every company and team is different, there's one thing that remains the same everywhere. 

Even the the simplest of tasks take significant time and interruptions break the flow, stealing time and focus.

By organising assets, defining access rules and providing trusted users with self-service access, significant time and interruption costs can be saved, not to mention improvements in partner relations, accuracy and speed to market.

The result: A more productive marketing team and a better brand.