QR code = Quick Response marketing
QR code marketing is the easy way to start mobile marketing for your brand, products and services.

Victoria's Secret QR Code Campaign was hugely successful.

They’re a simple 2d barcode that anyone can produce, outside the control of standards bodies like GS1. 

Place a QR code on your products, in store, on brochures, on buildings, etc and consumers can scan them with an ever increasing array of mobile phones.

QR codes can connect consumers instantly to:

  • websites 
  • videos 
  • phone numbers 
  • email addresses 
  • vcard (virtual business cards) 
  • recipes 
  • product information 
  • point of origin information 
  • geo-location 
  • rating or qualification information 
  • social sites 
  • product reviews 
  • salesperson 
  • service and support 
  • twitter page 
  • facebook page 
  • etc

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QR Code Generation

We can generate and customize QR codes for your business, brand, products, almost anything.

Once the code is created we can store in your brand library and then arrange the printing or supply of vector artwork to your printers, packaging suppliers, designers and agencies.

It's easy and low cost.

Standard or Custom Designed $POA

(scan this sample with your phone)

QR landing pages

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Once the consumer scans your QR code, they are generally taken to a web page of some sort.

These landing pages should be designed for display on mobile phones as that's generally what the user is using to scan your code!. Unfortunately, these are typically web pages/sites designed for desktop computers.

You should consider a landing page or microsite designed specifically for mobile phones.

We can build (and host) mobile microsites for things like product info, product demo videos,  contact details, maps, service information, venue & exhibition info, product reviews and more.

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(sample mobile product micro-site)

What can you do with it?

Product info

Special offers

Video, Recipes

And much more

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We do:

  • QR code design and generation.
  • Provide a QR code artwork library.
  • Create and host landing pages and micro-sites (including mobile optimized sites naturally).

We don't:

  • Don't design product packaging.
  • Don't compete with packaging designers.
  • Don't physically print QR codes or produce signage or packaging.