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e-see® is the original (founded in 1997) web-based, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for brands, of all sizes.

It organizes disparite collections of brand and marketing resources, including important image assets, into a single online repository and makes it incredibly easy to securely manage, distribute and collaborate.

It's Image Management you can trust.

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Screenshot from The Huka Retreats brand and image library.

Key points

Web-based Digital Asset Management

Using e-see®, sharing files becomes easy and efficient. All digital assets are directly accessed by any web browser through any firewall. No setup or plug-in is required. e-see®'s intuitive and clean interface and universal access reduces barriers for all users, enabling content to become accessible from everywhere in the world whenever required.

Easily find and share content

Every digital asset stored in e-see® is quickly found via the search features. e-see®’s unique Brand Channel URL's, Watchlists. Notifications, eCourier sending and Self-Service Download features help to quickly distribute or broadcast content to the media, agencies, printers, departments or other target groups in such a way that your content is always securely delivered.

No training required

At e-see®, we realize user adoption is critical for the success of a Digital Asset Management system, so it we make it easy! Familiar front-end interfaces for browsing, uploading and downloading let your users work in e-see® with no training or experience. We also provide support and in-person training of key staff if required.


e-see® is highly scalable with regard to storage space, users, functionality and price. It can therefore be used by small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises

Distribution made easy

Share and collaborate with clients and partners with a simple click of a mouse. No more FTP or e-mailing large files! Fulfill image requests without the bottlenecks.

Bespoke Branding

e-see® fully integrates your brand and includes a branded micro-site and URL, for a seamless look-and-feel. Invite customers, media and partners to use your DAM while reinforcing your brand!

Photographic Assets

Photographic assets are photographic images that are either owned outright or licensed from a Photographer for use in marketing and advertising. Typically these are commissioned and exclusive to the brand.

They provide important visual cues for a brand. 

Consequently they often need careful management and protection.

e-see® Brand File Manager, makes it easy to store, manage and license image users, while keeping track of users, license periods and renewals (if usage limitations apply).

e-see® = Image Management simplified.

Huka Lodge Hero Image

Auckland Art Gallery Image

Product Images/Pack Shots

Product images (and pack shots) are generally commissioned by and owned by the brand. These product images or pack shots are important brand and marketing assets for product brands.

They are vital marketing resources and often the most commonly seen "identity" of a brand.

Not only is it important to consider the quality of an image but also a consistent photographic style.  Brands need to manage for both quality and consistency and then ensure that the right images reach marketing and advertising channels.

e-see® Brand File Manager, helps with keeping everything up to date and consistent while delivering the right image file everytime and tracking use.

e-see® is also a GS1 trade partner. We understand global data standards and produce GS1 standardized image formats suitable for automated logistics systems used by retailers.

We work with provided image files or we'll photograph products and generate print and web ready clear-cut pack-shots and product images.

e-see® = Product Image Management simplified.

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We do:

  • Provide you with a secure branded Online Image Library for your photographic resources.
  • Photoshop, validate and upload supplied images.
  • Give advice on file formats and sizes.
  • Give advice on image licensing.

We don't:

  • Don't take photo's for you.
  • Don't sell photos.
  • Don't license photos for you.

In other words you'll have to hire your own photographers or source your images elsewehere.  

But we can help. If you're stuck we'll happily recommend a Photographer. We also like stock image libraries such as istockphoto.