Business class Brand Identity Management you can trust.

A.K.A  Logos, Icons, Brandmarks, Logotypes, Lockups, Brands, etc

e-see® has been the trusted guardian of brand identity assets, for a host of household brand names, since we were established in 1997. 

From the start our mission was to make the management and delivery of original brand identity artwork, brand standards and guidelines,  as easy, fast and as safe as possible.

Brand Identity Management you can trust.

Pricing See it in Action for NZ Police →

Screenshot from NZ Police Brand Library.

BYO Designer

We work with your marketing team and your creative suppliers to provide an independent central repository that you control.

While we provide some studio services on demand, usually for repurposing or validating artwork against brand guidelines. We don't provide the design services that your selected designer or ad agency provides and we're designer/agency agnostic. It's totally up to you who you use.

There are 3 ways to get your brand content onto the system for distribution. Upload yourself. Invite your designer to Upload for you (appropriate plan required to enable 3rd party authoring), or you can outsource upload/publishing to us here at e-see®.

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Don't have a designer?

Try a service like  Logosauce to connect with designers who can create your next logo or complete brand identity, or run a Logo design competition.

Logosauce™ is a service sponsored by e-see® to introduce clients to awesome designers from around the globe.

e-see® Brand File Manager Features

We do

  • Provide an online brand library for the management and delivery of brand identity artwork and image files.
  • Receive, validate and repurpose source artwork/images for reuse by your brand users.
  • Store and automatically deliver your brand standards and usage guidelines.
  • Provide brand owners with independent control over brand assets and marketing resources.
  • Connect brand owners, brand managers with authorized brand users.

We don't

  • Don't design logos or brand identity.
  • Don't compete with graphic designers or agencies.
  • Don't supply branded or logo'd products or premium goods.
  • Don't decide who has access to your brand files.

 Love Brands? You've gotta see this film

Never underestimate the power of a great brand identity as gun toting Ronald McDonald and friends demonstrate.

Take a look at the Academy Award winning short film Logorama, which parodies a number of brands but demonstrates how recognizable logos and even a brands secondary elements can be. Look out for the MSN Messenger man, Michelin Man cops, Windows skyscraper and many more blatant logo abuses.

If you have responsibility for any of the brands featured - you'll cringe. However it demonstrates the amazing power of a strong brand identity. How many can you recognize?.

Logorama on Vimeo.

WARNING: Some language and content may offend.