For Designers & Agencies
Get more work from your logo design clients.

e-see® was founded by graphic designer,Rod Gibson in 1997.

Rod was fed up with interuptions to the creative flow caused by having to repeatedly send out logo artwork for clients. On the plus side - those requests for artwork meant regular interactions with clients.

So, what if you could have the best of both worlds, allowing the client to have self-serve access to existing artwork and resources, while being the person they turn to for any new creative.

That's exactly what he and co-founder David Vaassen built and released over the summer of 1997/98. e-see® (originally called Easi-Access) is a cloud based solution and web service that give brands (and their users) direct access to brand and marketing assets and design files, enabling Designers to focus on what they really care about - new creative.

Our aim is to give brand owners control and easy access to their brand and creative assets, while giving you more time and opportunity to create. Allowing the brand to manage and share their assets with their network of staff, customers, stakeholders and suppliers efficiently.

So we've designed our partner programme specifically for you:

For Designers

Designers & Agencies get:

  • 33% discount when you buy two or more client accounts.
  • Billed to you on invoice.
  • White labeled marketing resources.
  • Free training and support.
  • A personal Account Manager.
  • You decide what you bill for setup and configuration.

Benefits for Designers & Agencies:

  • You get "big agency" tools for free.
  • You get a sellable add-on and a new revenue stream.
  • You strengthen your relationship with the client.
  • Provides you with ongoing revenue.
  • Puts you top of mind for new design work.

Contact us to discuss or if you prefer to just refer clients (and earn 10% commission), join our Affiliate Programme.