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Screenshot Ngatarawa brand channel folders view

Ngatarawa Brand & Image Library > Browse > Folders view

All your brand assets - logo artwork, images, brand guidelines and related marketing collateral together, in one easily accessible central online location.

Custom Branded

Screenshot branded url and microsite

Welcome pages from the ACC Image Library and Tourism New Zealand Brand Library

All BrandFM accounts come with a 1 unique URL (e.g. You can customize the look by 2 uploading your own logo and 3 choose a basic colour template to suit (All Accounts) OR we can create and upload a custom CSS skin file for fullcustom branding (Full Service Accounts only). You can Add HTML content to your Welcome page 4 content.

It's your channel, your url and just your data - 5 your Latest assets, your Folders, your Tags.


6 You get a custom URL (e.g. but can also configure a subdomain of your primary domain name (e.g. OR register a completely new domain name (e.g., to help your users navigate to your brand library.

In the Cloud

e-see® Brand File Manager (BrandFM) runs as a web app in the cloud. You get all the benefits of the cloud, including potentially unlimited storage, unlimited users, global access, the ability to share content between people, devices and applications.

Integrated Brand Guidelines

Screenshot Brand guidelines

Showing Embedded Brand Guidelines and Auto-delivered Guidelines
at Download time from the STIHL SHOP Brand Centre

Your brand guidelines 1 Embedded as HTML with the advantage of presenting brand usage guidelines up front for guided access to brand assets. HTML Guidelines are available 24x7, easily editable and always up-to-date. Even accessible on mobile phones.

In addition traditional Brand Guidelines (aka Brand Books, Brand Manuals, Corporate Identity Guidelines, etc) can be uploaded and configured to be 2 Auto-delivered as PDF whenever files are downloaded or delivered by eCourier™. Never again forget to include your Guidelines with file delivery.

Brand Identity

Screenshot STIHL SHOP™ custom url and microsite

BrandFM was designed from day one for brand identity. Original vector artwork in professional file formats (such as Adobe Illustrator .ai, 12 .eps and .pdf), multiple colour spaces (such as 1 SPOT, 2 CMYK, 3 RGB, B&W , etc.) Brand Guidelines automatically delivered with download and eCouriers (All Accounts) and optionally Embedded as HTML (Full Service Accounts only).


Screenshot Photo Library

PHOTOGRAPHY FRIENDLY: With automatic Meta-data extraction, 1 Light-boxes, Watermarking of thumbnails, Tagging, Location, Photographer/Creator, management of Copyright and Usage license periods, Cross-referencing, Expiry and Release dates, Archiving. Multiple resolutions and colour spaces (e.g. RGB, CMYK and Greyscale).

Product Images

Screenshot Product friendly

PRODUCT FRIENDLY: Product and Pack-Shot friendly with support for product dimensions, GS1 barcodes and file naming. Images suitable for use in 1 shelf management/space planning software. Multiple views per product and more. Automatic generation of correct 2 filenames for global GS1 point-of-view naming standards.

Delivery Options & Immediate Secure Sharing

Screenshot delivery options

From the Cart page, use 1 Checkout to download files (individually or together as a convenient .zip file), OR use 2 eCourier™ to instantly send files to anyone with an email address. The recipient will not be required to sign-up or login. You'll also get Track and Trace and Resend/Cancel capabilities built in.

Whichever delivery method is selected, users will have to complete "Reason/Purpose for download" dialogues, and Brand Guidelines will be automatically delivered.

Unabridged Original

Screenshot Unabridged

What you upload is what they get! We don't alter your files in any way. It's always the original that's delivered. We've also made it easy to replace the auto-generated thumbnail with a custom thumbnail if you wish too.

Independent from Creative - BYO Art/Image

Bring your own designer

Being independent from designers, photographers and creative agencies means you can collaborate with one or many. You decide. By centralizing your brand and other creative assets in a central online location you gain control.

Invite creative partners with 1 Upload permissions (Requires a Plan with 3rd Party Authors). These users can then create new assets and upload files with our simple 3rd party authoring with an automatic Approval workflow, that helps you collaborate at Internet speed.

3rd Party Authors

Screenshot 3rd Party Approvals

Automatic approval workflow for 3rd party Authors, such as external designers/agencies. With 1 Dashboard alerts and email notifications for Managers and 2 easy single button approvals.

Professional Formats

Adobe Creative Suite image

e-see® Brand File Manager (BrandFM) fully supports professional creative files from Adobe Creative Suite™, such as Illustrator™ (vector artwork .ai,.eps, .pdf), Photoshop™ (photographic or raster images .psd, .eps, .tif, .jpg, .gif, .png), Indesign™ (professional documents, page layouts, publications .indd, .indx) and more.

Find with Browse

Screenshot Browse Tag cloud

Browse assets by 1 Latest, 2 Folder or 3 Tag (tag cloud pictured).

You can also browse from within search results and directly from within Embedded Brand Guidelines (if configured).

 Web Search Friendly

Screenshot Search and Landing Page

e-see® Brand File Manager (BrandFM) is optimised to allow search engines to index Assets (unless they are configured as Private) supporting discovery via 1 Search, often with 2 high search rankings and links directly to the 3 content users are searching for while respecting your Access Permissions and Asset Visibility settings.

Combined with Self-service Sign-up and Access Requests for restricted files, BrandFM makes it easier than ever to defeat unofficial channels and take control of your brand.

Brand User Licensing

Permissions image

Easy 1 permission based licensing of users with flexible date based license 2 periods - means you always stay in control.

Control Access

Screenshot Privacy Control options

CONTROL ACCESS WITH FINE GRAINED PERMISSIONS:  1 4 levels of Asset visibility (Public, Members, Locked & Private) plus 2 Release, 3 Expiry with Review dates combined with 4 4 levels of User Permissions, enables fine grained control over who can see and access what and when.

Stay In Tune

RSS & Watchlist Screenshot

Stay In Tune: with 1 RSS (Subscribe to an RSS feed of latest assets with your favourite RSS reader) and 2 Watchlist alerts (Watchlists are created automatically when you download files). You can also add Folders to your Watchlist so that you are notified of new assets, to ensure you stay in-tune.

Multi-tennant SaaS

Screenshot of Companies view

Main BrandFM site > Browse > Companies view

e-see® Brand File Manager (BrandFM) is a multi-tenant cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) application. This means no software install required and lower costs because the costs of developing the software and running the service are shared amongst all customers.

You automatically get single sign-on across multiple brand channels and you can search across many brands from the main site.

In-line Archiving

Screenshot Archives

IN-LINE ARCHIVING: In-line Archiving lets you file assets away so they can't be accessed, yet allows them to be 1 Restored if needed or 2 Murdered* (permanently deleted).

* please excuse our the use of this word but it expresses the seriousness of the button - there's no come back from death - once you murder an asset you can no longer recover that asset - it will be lost forever.


Screenshot Reports

Reports are 1 filterable and can be viewed on screen, downloaded as a spreadsheet friendly .csv file, or printed. Reports are available for Downloads and 2 Assets.In addition each asset has a full history log and records the number of views and downloads.

It's Helpful

Screenshot Help

Context sensitive Help is available on every page. Just click the the 1 Help link at the top of the page and a calming blue help panel slides down to lend assistance. When you're done, click Help again, or the 2 Close page help arrow and the panel slides away, letting you get straight back to what you were doing.

Need more? Click the 3 Visit the Help Centre link. Need even more? Free support is just an email or phone call away.