We have a reputation to keep and appearances is important. So you beda not screw with the brand, or there may be consequences.

Capiche ?

We believe in brands.

We believe in the power of a brand to transform the performance of an organization, a country, a movement or even an individual.

It takes a discipline and like minded people singing from the same song sheet, reading from the same page, with a common purpose,  implementing a single, clearly defined identity -for a brand to be truly effective.

We believe you should systemize your brand management process. Formalizing the management and sharing of brand knowledge, brand standards and brand resources with the people that implement your brand.

e-see® is the original online brand management system, built to simplify Brand Management for brands of all sizes.

So everyone can be on-brand, everywhere they need to be.

This is our why - our original thinking.

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Trusted since 1997

e-see® was launched in 1997 to provide easy access to brand guidelines and original brand identity artwork. 

Today e-see® works with a host of household brand names, multi-national brands and Government organizations.

Thousands of users rely on us everyday.

We know what we're doing, we've been doing it for a long time.

You can trust us to get it right.

We're the original

We are the Original, the first online multi-tenant brand and digital asset management system available anywhere.

We're independent

We're independent from creative, print and other suppliers. We don't compete with graphic designers or agencies.

Instead we work with you and your creative and production partners to ensure that your brand is correctly reproduced every time.

What we do

  • Champion our clients brands.
  • Provide online brand management systems for brand owners.
  • Document Brand Knowledge.
  • Prepare brand assets and marketing resources for wide reuse.
  • Provide hosted online brand and image libraries.
  • Deliver Brand Standards and Usage Guidelines.
  • Raise standards of brand management.
  • Give advice on brand management.
  • Facilitate Brand Reviews for new and established brands.
  • Provide outsourced brand and marketing support.
  • Make brands stronger.

Brand Strategy/Advice

Need help with strategic or tactical brand decisions? Need an independent opinion on the way forward with your brand? Then consider e-see® as an independent advisor.

  • Independent from creative/agency
  • Independent from internal management
  • Applying proven brand discipline

See our Good Brand Checklist for starters.


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Love Brands. Talk Brands

We love brands. We respect great brands. We like talking about brands, good and bad and what makes them tick.

Talk Brands is our blog about all things branding.

Join the conversation at TalkBrands™.

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The League of Extraordinary Brands

When the Christchurch erthquakes struck New Zealand in 2010 and 2011 we wanted to do something for our compatriots in the South.

We created The League of Extraordinary Brands to raise funds for Christchurch through the brands we worked with and built a website and brand to capture that.

The website is now retired.