Brand DNA

A. Start with Why

Watch Simon Sineks TED talk titled "How great leaders inspire us" where he talks about the power of understanding Why we do things.

We offer:

  1. Facilitation of the Brand Discovery Process by providing a senior brand specialist who will work with your senior management to first understand and then document your brand's DNA.
  2. A secure online Brand Management System (a central repository of brand knowledge) to safely store and distribute brand DNA to authorized users.
  3. Custom development of brand apps and games to deliver brand knowledge and education to new staff members, partners and others.

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B. Document your DNA

You'll need to run a Brand DNA discovery process. A consequence of this process is the documenting of your brands DNA (or blueprint).

Typically we're looking to document:

  • Core Values
  • Personality
  • Essence
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Capsule
  • Creative Interpretation
  • Brand Touch Points

You should end up with a comprehensive document with everything formally documented and signed off by all stakeholders. This may be a multimedia document including video, images, artwork, sound files and more.

Much of this information may be included in more widely published Brand Standards or Brand Usage Guidelines documents - but not necessarily so.

In some cases there should be separation of content that's widely published vs confidential information.

C. Communicate your DNA

Brand DNA (or brand knowledge) is often assumed or changes over time, even disappears as people move in and out of an organization.

Managing brand knowledge is critical if a brand is to maintain it's focus and consistency over an extended period of time. The sharing of this knowledge when inducting new staff and introducing partners, that work with your brand is also vitally important.

At a basic level, formally recording the DNA of a brand and making it available to brand users is required.

For better results we can use Gamification techniques* to improve delivery of brand knowledge and test comprehension of users tasked with brand implementation and delivery.

Ensuring that management, staff, partners and brand users understand your brand's DNA is the only way you can be sure that everyone is on-brand.

* Gamification functionality is coming in 2013.