Brand Management What is it?

Brand Management is the application of fundamental branding principals and marketing techniques to a specific product, service or brand. It seeks to increase the product, service or brand's perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand equity

Brand Management System (BMS) What is it?

A Brand Management System (BMS); supports Brand Management and is a combination of formal processes, tools and resources adopted by an organization to manage it's brand(s).

The role of a BMS is to provide brand owners and their staff, the tools to manage, protect and share Brand DNA, Brand Standards and Brand Assets, with the people required to implement the brand - in order to increase brand equity.

Think of it as a CMS (content management system) for brand and marketing resources.

A BMS has 3 components:

  1. Brand DNA.
  2. Brand Standards (& Guidelines).
  3. Brand Assets.

Together they form a Brand Management System (BMS).

1. Brand DNA. Start with Why.

  • Why do you exist as a brand? 
  • Does everyone understand the why? 
  • How do you introduce new staff to your brand? 
  • What about partners, resellers?
  • What's your brand's story?
  • Do your customers get it?

A brand is an idea, a concept, a story. Sometimes fresh and new, often well formed and established. 

It always has a start, an origin, a blueprint. Preserving or re-establishing that blueprint and communicating it to the people who must implement the brand is vital. 

Documenting and sharing this DNA is the core, of an effective brand management system.

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The Golden Circle

2. Brand Standards. The How.

Brand Standards are about documenting and prescribing how you express and communicate your brand.

Including your brand's personality, how you behave, your brand's visual identity, colours used, how signage is used, your brands voice, how to use your brand and marketing assets and host of other details.

What's most important is that once you decide what those standards are, that your staff, partners and resellers understand and implement these standards consistently at every brand touchpoint.

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3. Brand Assets. The What.

Once you know why and how, you'll need to create and manage the what. The what being the brand and marketing assets deployed in communicating, promoting your brand and/or selling your products and services.

Typically these include logos, images, artwork, graphics, stationery, signage, ads, templates, emails, designs, etc.

The e-see® Brand File Manager ( application and cloud service is designed to securely store, manage and distribute these assets to authorised brand users.

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